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Who We Are

The Leach Opera House was built by Louis B. Leach in 1881. The Opera House was on the main level, and a Sanitarium, with Russian and Turkish baths, was located in the cellar. The building was sold in the 1920's to Stewart Funeral Home and became the place deceased citizens were handled, from embalming to the final farewell service. In 1998, the Funeral Home moved to a new building, and the building set empty until 2012, when Richard and Teresa Weixelman purchased it. Teresa thought the basement below the deserted opera house would make an excellent haunted house, so she asked if any of her family would help, and the Haunted Opera House was born. In October 2013, the cellar was transformed into haunted passageways where creepy souls lurk in search of unsuspecting strangers. Every year in October, the cellar opens so friends and strangers may come "get their scare on"! Everything is conducted indoors; main floor of opera house is for ticket purchasing and wait lines. Free movies play on main floor. Haunted house is conducted in the basement. You may come in for free but must purchase a ticket to gain access to the Haunted House.


Please call or email for more information

1 (785) 456-2310


Come get the "YELL" scared out of you!

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